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Our ethical production and our criteria for a natural cosmetics, fair and inclusive

Ilios does not test on animals or on finished products or ingredients.
Independent Nails meets the EU directives which, through Directive 2003/15/EC, establishes a ban on animal testing of finished cosmetic products since 11 September 2004. And fixed 11 March 2009 prohibiting the use ingredients tested on animals in the formulations of these products. Independent Nails pay much attention to the selection and use of ingredients are not tested on animals, asking for assurances from their suppliers.

Ilios performs compatibility testing on dermatological formulations to ensure safety and efficacy.
Tests by Independent Nails on the finished product, to ensure safety, do not use animals, but following two protocols:

  • Laboratory tests performed in vitro.
  • In vivo tests on healthy volunteers and informed that agree to submit to testing the finished product. The tests are conducted with non-invasive methods and apply the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki (ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects, the 18th General Assembly of the AMM in Helsinki)

These tests are needed to verify dermocompatibilità product (through the skin tests called patch tests) and thus ensure the safety of use for consumers, particularly children and people with sensitive skin and sensitive. Are also used to assess the effectiveness of effective cosmetic (such as moisturizing, soothing anti-wrinkle) to ensure that consumers are purchasing products really effective.

go top Ilios acquires the natural raw materials second a fair loyal short row from organizations to conditions fair trade: according to principles of fairness in the price, continuity in the relationships, respect of the dignity and the rights of the producers.
A lot of first subjects originate from spontaneous harvest and from certified biological cultivation, for which the producers receive an extra prize.

Ilios selects with cure every ingredient and those coming from the fair trade and loyal represent always the main one chosen. This allows to guarantee in every product an always advanced percentage of ingredients fair trade to 50% in weight or value.

Ilios privileges the natural ingredients in comparison to those of synthetic origin. This allows to always guarantee a percentage of first subjects of superior natural origin to 95%. Where necessary ingredients of synthetic derivation are used inserting them in the smaller possible concentration.

Ilios realizes his products setting particular attention to the environment, reducing the packaging and privileging the lower part workmanships environmental impact

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