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Production Quality and Certification


Research and Production Quality

The production quality, the service and the respect of ethics production enable us to meet all production requirements and to give assurance of quality.
Ilios uses not only internal laboratories of quality control, microbiological and analytical but it's also a university departments that support with their research capabilities, our ideas and insights.

We decided to offer you the best on the market of cosmetics and verify at any time that this happens because every product is subjected to total traceability, from the producer of the raw material until the arrival to your home.



Process management, knowledge, continuous improvement, the involvement of human resources, the culture based on controlling the environmental impact of its activities and the development of effective and sustainable are the heart of the Quality System.
These are the reasons that have led the company to achieve new targets, such as the certification of the Quality Management System (EN ISO 9001:2008), and that will support the achievement of the environmental certification to the standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008

Standard reference, globally recognized for the certification of the Quality Management System.
The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the system of quality management of the company has been recognized as a standard of excellence.