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the company

We were born in 2000, a period of epochal changes, transformations, new visions for a new millennium, and innovative as innovation is the moment that we live. We work with modern solutions in the production of cosmetics, by providing our partners a strong expertise gained in the various distribution channels in which, together with our friends, we made great evidence of achieving results. We are ready to deal with new challenges that you feel need to continue fighting for your business plan and achieve your goals.

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what we do

Research and development:At least 5% of our turnover is reinvested in research and new product development and acquisition of innovative technologies.

Customer Service: We formulate and package products according to the specific requirements and goals of each single order.

Production: The extreme versatility of our production sistem permits catering for alla requirements. Our expertise puts us in a position to satisfy the requirements of products for both the Skin-Care and Hair-Care programmes

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