the product


We study together with you the most innovative packaging, new tastes of consumers, the new market trends


research and development

At least 5% of our turnover is reinvested in research and new product development and acquisition of innovative technologies.We are committed to building of new products increasingly effective functionally, innovative organoleptic, seeking cosmetic original forms, fragrance appealing specifically designed for the market segment will be intended. good part of the activity is carried out internally, the remaining at university departments that support, with their ability to search, our ideas and intuitions with their research capabilities.

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customer service

We formulate and package products according to the specific requirements and goals of each single order. We guarantee the complete assistance in providing technical documentation and possible legislative support. We are in condition to analyse together with you the packaging more innovative, new tastes of consumers, the new market trends. We can achieve together training projects and technical assistance on products made, targeted to achieve the right competence at the sales force or to customers, with the discretion that the activity requires.

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The extreme versatility of our production sistem permits catering for alla requirements. Our expertise puts us in a position to satisfy the requirements of products for both the Skin-Care and Hair-Care programmes.The flexibility of production puts us in position to deal very variable production lots in terms of quantity, giving satisfaction to different needs that arise. Raw materials of the highest quality from suppliers certificates and strict monitoring of production in the various stages of the production cycle, guarantee the absolute quality, purity and stability of our cosmetics.

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